Someone recently asked me how to hear God’s voice. As I was thinking about how I wanted to answer, I began thinking how hearing God’s voice is such a foundational piece for the believer, and yet we really don’t talk about it that much. As I was thinking how I hear God for myself, a few things came to mind… but they really aren’t so cut-and-dry. It’s not like I go into a room, do 10 jumping jacks, and then all of a sudden hear God’s voice. There isn’t a set formula. He is so much more relational than that.

For me, there are multiple factors that go into my hearing God’s voice. However, for a premise, I would begin with Jeremiah 33:3, “Call unto Me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things you do not know.” I believe that God does hear us, and that He does want to answer us.

However, here are a few things I have found we can do to position ourselves to hear from God:

• Time reading the Bible. This is our foundation. Our bedrock. I would even go so far as to say that we would be delusional to think we can hear God’s voice, if we do not spend time reading God’s Word. We simply cannot expect to hear God’s voice if our Bibles are always closed. The first step is to open the Book!

• Time singing to the Lord in personal praise. Psalm 22:3 tells us that the Lord inhabits the praises of Israel. This may sound simple, but I have found that if I sing a quiet worship song to the Lord, just between Him and me, I feel I draw nearer. And when I am near, it is easier for me to hear.

• Time in prayer. Prayer is a dialogue. It is a back and forth conversation between God and us. If you want to hear from God, go to prayer. Of course, the next question would be; “Well, how do I pray?” I would say to just start. Prayers do not have to be eloquent and long, and they do not have to be full of all the right words. It is easier to steer a moving ship, than a ship that is at harbor. Just give it a go. God still hears us, even if our prayers are week in our eyes.

• Our heart’s posture. I know this may sound funny, but it is a big deal. What is going on with us on the inside can greatly determine how clearly we can hear God’s voice. Matthew 5:8 tells us the pure in Heart will see God. If we want to see Him, or hear from Him, we have to examine our hearts. Am I thankful? Am I grateful? Am I holding any offenses? Am I bitter? Am I unforgiving… Ask yourself, how is my heart? If you find any darkness, just repent quickly to the Lord and move on. He is the most gracious One we will ever know.

The more we seek Him, the more we find Him. It is in our consistency, that James 4:8 begins to really take form in our lives. “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to You.”

As we consistently draw near, as we consistently keep coming back, as we consistently open our Bibles over and over and over… we find more of Him. If you need to hear from the Lord, you can begin anytime. Even if you have no faith at all, you can begin by saying, “God, here I am. I am seeking You today. Meet with me, oh Lord.”


Unto The Holy

For I see how You love me

And You’ve ruined me for anything less

I want to love You in the same way


The same Love

That’s in Your Heart

Put it in me

And put it in me again


You are mine

And I am Yours

Forever and for all eternity

We will never be separated


This is my desire and this is what I long for

To dwell in Your House

To never be parted from You


There is no other good thing

There is none other who satisfies

Only in You, is there security and peace

Only in You, is there joy and hope


God, when can I come be with You?

Father, how long till we can be together?

I long to see Your face

I hope until I feel Your embrace

I just want to be with You


You are the One I want!

You are the One I desire!

Won’t You come?

Come and take your place upon the white horse

And fly with great power and glory


Today, I ask to be with You

Here I take my stand and here I say, come

Come to us and let us be with You!

I just want to be with You!


For You alone are God


I fully trust You, God

I wholeheartedly believe that You desire my good

And when I am obedient to You,

It is for Your glory and my good


You care for the sparrow, and You care for me

Great and small, You know our inner workings

And all our days are numbered before You


I offer up my heart to the Throne

Burn the incense of my love before You

That I would be as a flaming lamp

Taking my place as a doorkeeper in Your House


So here is my prayer

And here, my supplication

That I would love the Lord, my God

With all my heart and with all my soul

Just let me love the Lord

With all my mind and with all strength

For He alone is good

In John 15:5 we read, “I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.”

In this verse we find a great secret. The secret, though we may know it already in our heads, is that in order to be fruitful, we must spend time with Jesus. The secret is that we can’t do any lasting work apart from Jesus.

And thus begins the tug of war for our time, effort, and energy.

We are all predisposed to self-reliance. From early childhood, though we are dependent on others for our well being, we constantly buck for greater independence. Even as little children, we strive to walk by ourselves, talk by ourselves, clothe ourselves. We want affection and acceptance from others, but we constantly seek to go out and live on our own.

Self-reliance follows us into adulthood. It is so, so easy to go through an entire day or even a week and not spend any time with Jesus. It is equally easy to be caught up in the work or administration or planning of ministry, that we forgo spending any real time in prayer and studying the Bible.

Jesus’ words in John 15:5 cut me to the heart because I can be so guilty of going out there and just living life on my own. I can become so busy. I can fill my schedule and then live by it. I can tire myself out doing good things or even “the work of the ministry,” and all the while, I can do it without spending time with Jesus.

However, real and lasting fruitfulness only comes from spending time with Jesus.

But there is hope! We can always go back to Him. We can always return to first love. Always, His arms are open towards us. Ever, His voice calls out our name. “Return, come back Me.” And I, and we, like the prodigal son can run back into the loving embrace of our gracious God. And in the safety beneath His wings, we can let Him love us, let Him speak to us, and be refilled to go and do all He has called us to do. 



You are faithful

You have been with me through every season

You have never let me go

You are faithful

You are faithful to the end


Where else could I go?

And to whom else could I petition?
You are the only One God

You are the only True King

You are the only Humble Lord


Ever will You walk with me

And ever, You will uphold me

Your Righteous right hand keeps me

I am kept steady by You

Hallelujah to the faithful One


God, I look to You

Continually and with constant gaze

I search the skies, and I search my heart

You always know what to do

And You have always come through

You are always there, right by my side


Oh, to Our Father in Heaven

And to this One who is faithful and true

You are so good, You are so good

I could search the earth over for 1000 years

And I would never find another who compares with You


How are You so good?

How are You so wonderful?

How are You so giving?

How are You this loving?


You are perfect in all Your ways

You are glorious in every facet of Your being

You are marvelous in all You do

And You love us with perfect love

Thank You for Your Love

Thank You for Your Faithfulness

Thank You for Your Grace

I will sing and I will praise

All of my days I will draw nearer and nearer to You


I will love You, Oh my God

I will love You, King of my heart

All my days I will make mention of the Lord


Hallelujah, our God reigns

Oh God, You who sit above the circle of the earth

You are glorious and majestic, mighty and strong

And yet You see, and You care, and You know us

All of our pains, all of our trials, and all of our troubles…


Hallelujah to the One who was, and is, and is to come

Hallelujah to the One who is close, and near to the brokenhearted


Nothing escapes Your view

Nothing remains unseen by You

You are the All-Knowing, Intimate God

Praise to the Lord of Lords

And Glory to the King of King

Gone in 60 Seconds

Saul of Tarsus was on his way to Damascus. He was heading there because he wanted to find any believers in Jesus that he could arrest and throw into jail. He was most likely a violent man at the time, and did not care about separating families. Something happened to Saul, however, on his way to Damascus.

He had an encounter with Jesus. 

The encounter could not have lasted more than 10 minutes. All we have from scripture is a short conversation back and forth between Saul and Jesus. Acts 9:3-6 Yet in those short minutes, Saul’s life was completely changed. It did not take years for him to change. It did not even take an hour for him to be changed. After encountering Jesus, all it took were mere minutes for Saul’s life to be completely and utterly turned around. 

We can have encounters with Jesus today. Maybe your life’s schedule does not permit you to spend 5 hours a day in prayer and reading the Bible. Perhaps you can not spend even 2 hours a day in quiet time. However, we all have 60 seconds. Even in our busy schedule’s, chances are, we can all find a minute, here and there, to listen to the Lord. Never underestimate the power of the one minute prayer. 

1) Every prayer counts

2) Even small prayers count

3) Much can be done if we focus on Jesus for just one minute

Take a minute right now, literally, and pray. If you don’t know what to pray, you could pray through the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 or Psalm 23:1-6

It may take just a minute, but it could change your life.



Jesus, come again

Father, come and move in power

Lord, we simply ask, just come!


Would You come and make much of Your Name upon us

Would You come and bless us indeed

We look to You. There is no one else

We have looked to so many others

But today, Lord, we look to You!


Come, Father, come and bless us

Who are we that You have dealt so graciously with us?

What have we ever done that You have given us so much?

So we turn all blessing back to You

So we remember the Lord our God

So we recognize the God of our forefathers

Lord, all has come from You

You give and You take away

But it is all for our good


You have always been so good to us

You have always protected us

You have always placed such a hedge around us

You have always given us hope

You have always surrounded us with Your cloud

You have always, always, always been our God


Thank You Lord, for calling us out of darkness and into Your glorious light

Thank You, Lord, for bringing us into sweet fellowship with You

There is none other who loves like You do

There is no one else who can bless like You can

Only You are God


What can we do?

So we sit before You

So we just enjoy You

So we turn our eyes and heart towards You

Listening to your Spirit

Giving You our full attention

And our hearts yearn for the Presence of the Lord


Open Eyes

We are made to need You

We are made to only be content in You

Only You satisfy

Would You come in power?

Would you awaken hearts to the reality of Jesus?

That salvation would spring up from the ground

Salvation, awakening, hope

Life, vision, future

Open the eyes of those who need You

Open the hearts of those who cry out

Would You save many souls?

Would You hear from Heaven and come down?

Would You send life and healing to Your people?

Would You come and move on hearts?

Oh God, we pray

Satisfy this longing inside

Send revival!

Satisfy this longing inside

For You and You alone!

Would You grant spiritual sight?

That eyes would be open to see You…

That ears would be open to hear You…

And that many would come to know Jesus as Lord